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Yeah, I Could Kill People
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5-Yeah, I Could Kill People
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Strip Number 5
Arc Gender Wars
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Ice Breakers & Party Games A Fine Vocation


Panel 1
(naration): *The Vice Quiz*
Jacob: "“Who is the likely to lose everything gambling?” Heh, I tend to get wrapped up in stuff —guess that's me!"
(off panel): "Agreed"
Panel 2
(off panel): "“who is most likely to be a serial killer?”"
(off panel): "Tiffany"
Tiffany: "Yeah, I could kill people..."
Panel 3
(off panel): "“Who is most likely to be a super villian?”"
Bud & Autumn: "Me"
Panel 4
Bud: !
Autumn: !

Alt text[]

She could.


Depicted Characters[]


Bud's Clubhouse located at the Oven residence

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