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668-Vincent s-Gift
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Strip Number 668
Arc Party crashers
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Just desserts Quincy's gift

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Panel 1
Kaitlyn: "Aww, thank you, Vincent!"
Vincent: "I hope you like it."
Panel 2
Tiffany: "Who's that?"
Kaitlyn: "It's a Lady Yvonne figure. She's a character from a video game we play."
Panel 3
Kaitlyn: "I will treasure it."
Tiffany: "But, uh, what about..."
Panel 4
Kaitlyn: "I'm sure we'll be able to glue her head back on."
Vincent: "Sorry again."

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Hey, if the comic's in color maybe people won't notice how poorly it's drawn.

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The Hu residence on Copper Road.

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This is the first strip colored by DRB_II

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