Ursula Xane
Ursula Pic
Vital statistics
Age 10
Birthday Unknown
Gender Female
Species Husky
1st Appear. Ursula Xane
Neighborhood Orchard Manor
Parents Dr. (unnamed) Xane (Mother)
Dr. (unnamed) Xane (Father)
For the strip of the same name, see Ursula Xane (strip).

Ursula Xane is the newest member of Ms. Monster's class at Poppinstock Academy.  Her parents have yet to be seen, but have been referred to as Doctor and Doctor Xane. She is a Husky. 

Personality Edit

Ursula is incredibly naive owing to her sheltered life as her parents' Grand Experiment[1] having formerly been home-schooled before being transferred to Poppinstock for at her request.  

Social bubble Edit

As part of the "other side" she appears less in the main comic, but more often in Copper Road, where Kaitlyn Hu has turned helping her adapt to the "Weird Wide World" into a personal project.

References Edit

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