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Arc Gender Wars
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Panel 1
Bud: "Hello, Dionne. You might be wondering why the two of us decided to kid up here.
Panel 2
Bud: "You see, a gender war has broken out between Sapphire Lake's Poppinstock students. As you are a smarty as well, we'd like to enlist your aid in quashing our female menace."
(off panel): "How sporting of you."
Panel 3
Bud : "I assure you, we are here only because the girls have recruited Suzette. It's only fair we get to recruit other Gemstone Kids as well."
(off panel): "While I'm flattered you came to me..."
Panel 4
Dionne: "You do realize I'm a girl, right?"
(off panel): "Look, if we were going to hike all the way up here, we might as well ask everyone we can."

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We were taught to be efficient!


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Crup residence.


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