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Tiffany 'Tiff' Artemisia Et
Vital statistics
Age 9
Birthday Unknown
Gender Female
Species Housecat (Calico)
1st Appear. All About the Violence
Neighborhood Sapphire Lake
Parents Sky and Gene Et
Siblings Michelangelo Et (young brother)
Frida Et (younger sister)
The Et twins (younger brothers)
Other relatives Casey Oven (2nd cousin)
Bud Oven (2nd cousin)
Mike Et (Uncle)
Bernie Et (Uncle)
Joseph Oven (1st cousin once removed)

Tiffany 'Tiff' Artemisia Et is one of the four central kids of Precocious. A 9-year-old calico kitty, Tiffany is definitely the farthest gone of the bunch. Sleeping, breaking stuff, and demanding attention are but a few of her many talents; in addition, she has also been known to be "exceedingly cute" to the point of general astoundment. Equal parts blissfully unaware and artistically wild, Tiffany lives with her parents, Sky and Gene Et, and her four younger siblings (Mikey, Frida, and the two-year-old twins) in the Sapphire Lake neighborhood of Gemstone Estates.

In the alt-text of 752 it says "She was *this* close to being a Debbie." Also taking into consideration Chrispy's (and by extension, the character's) love of 80's music (rightfully so). 80's artist Tiffany had a professional rivalry at the time with one Debbie Gibson. Which is probably where she gets her name from.


Tiff is a chaotic butterfly, able to take a breeze of thought and produce from it a maelstrom of art and madness. The eldest Et sibling is as "grown-up" as the rest are, living her life as a whirlwind and a prayer. She is quick to jump right in with Autumn's schemes and Bud's contraptions, and her floaty quirkiness tends to baffle Jacob into perplexity (if not injury). She exhibits exceeding cuteness coupled with a masterful ability to fall asleep in any situation. Tiff also delivers vivacious commentary quips for many of the Sapphire kids' activities. Her smiley face button is a staple of the children's lives.


Tiffany did not last long during the initial gender war, choosing instead to play chess with Jacob (and bring about their co-defeat). She floated along with the next few shenanigans, pausing now and then to transform a wall into an art canvas or fall asleep at random. Tiff in fact slept through the summer baseball league, and her propensity for shiny objects led to her downfall against Jacob in the Supervillain Union battle. She mostly enjoyed the school revolt. Tiffany recently succeeded in her random group project, thanks completely to her group leader Max's sharp wit. She also builds robots and plays with cars.

Social bubble[]

Tiffany's life is the group life of her three best friends. The core Sapphire bunch tend to do everything together, and Tiffany is equal parts purposely and blissfully unaware of the world outside her stomping grounds. Tiffany gets along well enough with her folks and siblings but naturally causes them a boatload of trouble. Tiff is quite at home with her Sapphire buddies, but she can be capable of engaging the other kids - if she is awake to notice them.

Tiffany's triumphs[]

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