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The Supervillain Union Returns! is a Precocious story arc. It ran in 2009 and consisted of strips #275-301, aside from Sunday solo strips.

Central character(s)[]


The Supervillain Union unleashes a new challenge on Di-Va. The end result takes each and every villain by surprise.


The Supervillain Union has grown bored after capturing Some Guy again. They take their prisoner's advice and send him to Di-Va's lair as a messenger. The cunning Di-Va offers to accept him into Supervillain Union: Diamond, luring him with the promise of tapping into his evil potential. Some Guy agrees to get revenge on the villains who have tormented him. Di-Va is about to launch their counterassault when she ingloriously falls into Some Guy's trap. His deceitful plan accomplished, Some Guy returns to the Supervillain Union in triumph. They, however, are livid that he took down Di-Va without them. As they retaliate, Some Guy suddenly rises up against them with a new persona: Target Man. The newly christened hero applies his knowledge of their weaknesses to defeat each supervillain one by one. Just as he is celebrating ultimate victory, Target Man is defeated by a last-second arrival: Mylytant Femynyst.

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The Supervillain Union Returns!