The On Cue Ball
Precocious Strip
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Strip Number 672
Arc Party crashers
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For character of the same name, see On Cue Ball.

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Panel 1
Kaitlyn: "“Has the party his a lull? Do you need answers to life's deep questions?”"
Panel 2
Kaitlyn: "“An oracle and ice breaker all in one, this ball will solve your problems...” “On Cue!”"
Panel 3
Kaitlyn: "“You will be amazed at the guidance, wit and wisdom the On Cue Ball will give you!”"
Panel 4
Kaitlyn: "“I see that doubting face of yours! Don't judge it until you've tried it.” Ooh, creepy."

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I know you're reading this in a mocking tone!'

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The Hu residence on Copper Road.

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