The Bachelor Life 1
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735-Ginger-s Beer
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Strip Number 735
Arc It's no fun being a grown-up
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Panel 1
(narration): The Bachelor Life: It starts simple enough, with you putting off a few chores. Hey, if you can tolerate it, then who suffers?
Panel 2
(narration): Then comes the rationalizing. “One good day of cleaning is all I need to fix up the apartment.”
Panel 3
(off panel): "Zzzzz"
(narration): But there's no cleaning. Just another pizza box on the pile at the end of the day. As usual.

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Don't ask about the pyramid of cans. I'll take them to the recycling place... one of these days.

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Mike Et's residence.

Trivia Edit

The picture on the can is the first appearance of Gingerfox. Originally just a cameo for Ginger Paulsen of Ginger's bread. But eventual became an canon recurring character.

The pizza company is a pun on Code Name: Hunter.

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