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Bonus music comic 15 What's on TV?

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Panel 1
(off panel): "You've been watching TV all day long."
Ivy: "I'm doing research."
Panel 2
Autumn: It's not healthy."
(off panel): "It's my job."
Panel 3
Ivy: "I get paid to do this!"
(off panel): "Not enough to neglect all your other duties!"
Panel 4
Autumn: "What I'm saying is, your family wants some dinner."
(off panel): "Canned soup. Microwave. Figure it out."

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Now that she can watch her DVR'd shows openly, there's no stopping her!

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The Pingo residence in Sapphire Lake.

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This ruffly the point where the comic turned over to the URL dating system, so is considered the first reliable date based on URL

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