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Unity! Victory! Cake!

For the individual strip of the same name, see THE BAKE SALE IS SCIENCE! (strip).

THE BAKE SALE IS SCIENCE! is a Precocious story arc. It ran in 2009 and consisted of strips #149-174, aside from Sunday solo strips.

Central character(s)[]


Shii Ann's big mouth sparks a bake sale challenge between the Poppinstock kids and the PTA.


Kaitlyn is stuck with the Sapphire kids, waiting for a PTA meeting to conclude so that she can go home with her mom. During the meeting, Bud volunteers his culinary talent for the cause - until Shii Ann shoots him down for being "just a child." This infuriates Bud and incites him to rally his classmates against their parents. Shii Ann isn't worried until she learns that the school's bake sale normally relies on Bud's own recipes. The other PTA parents agree that the school will hold two competing bake sales, even though they are resigning themselves to defeat and self-presumed humiliation by doing so. Bud trains his classmates in the science of baking, spearheading the kids to a dominating victory in the bakeoff. Kaitlyn is pleased with this outcome, though she readily acknowledges that the demonstrated classroom solidarity was (and will be) absurdly brief.

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