Sydney Oven: Awesome Mother
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Mommy Relaxation Time™ This was supposed to be about ME!

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Panel 1
Sydney: "A dinner party?"
Bud: "Both you and Dad are here for the weekend! How often does that happen? It's a sign!"
Panel 2
(off panel): "We can bring our families together and official welcome the Pingos!"
Sydney: "I'm fairly sure dinner parties count as stress for your mother."
Panel 3
Bud: "Don't worry! The kids will do the cooking and planning! We'll do the hard stuff so you parents can bond!"
Sydney: "But there's still the dressing up and talking..."
Panel 4
Bud: "You can wear your Pikachu PJs if you want. All I ask is you to be conscious and clothed."
Sydney: "I make no promises!"

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Some get her sense of humor, others call the cops

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Oven residence in Sapphire Lake

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