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Suzette 'Suz' Grady
Vital statistics
Age 9
Birthday Unknown
Gender Female
Species Spaniel
1st Appear. Intellectual Superiority
Neighborhood Emerald Woods
Parents Sadie and Don Grady

Suzette 'Suz' Grady is one of the primary supporting characters of Precocious. A 9-year-old Spaniel, Suzette is the only Poppinstock kid to hail from Emerald Woods - presumably, this is why she rants about class warfare and gender discrimination so often. Rarely shown without a fight (imagined or actual) to pick, Suzette is not afraid to exclaim and defend her beliefs whether she understands them or not. Suzette lives with her parents.


Suzette firmly believes she is an underdog victim of society. For years has she constantly sought to gain the power she claims to deserve. Suzette is easily prodded into uprisings against whatever system she judges to be repressing her autonomy. She likes playing with the other neighborhood kids, provided they do not intrude on her self-appointed rights. Her happiest moments are enablers of her rebellious side.


Suzette's demand for entitlement and power has fueled wildly varying theatrics throughout the life of the comic. Her boisterous role as catcher served as a fantastic boon to the summer league baseball team. On the other hand, her melodramatic power trip ultimately brought her great sorrow during random group projects. Though she is a feminist,she has once beaten Dionne in a pageant.

Social bubble[]

Suzette tolerates the kids on her side of the classroom as long as they do not upset her worldview. She is not at all affectionate or sympathetic (except to the "plight" of her gender). Suzette employs the social ignorance of the Sapphire quartet and further remains isolated by her residence's location.

Suzette's triumphs[]

The other interminglers[]