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Arc Off to camp?
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Rule #25 Summer camp?

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Panel 1
Tiffany: "What are you dong?"
Sky: "We're packing your things!"
Panel 2
Tiffany: "Why? Are we going somewhere?"
Gene: "“We” aren't going. You are."
Panel 3
Sky: "You see, this house had become too chaotic for us to handle. Changes had to be made."
Gene: "So we sold you!"
Panel 4
Tiffany: "You sold me?"
(off panel): "The bids were shocking low."
Panel 5
Tiffany: "You didn't sell me!"
Sky: "Sure we did!"
Panel 6
(off panel): "It's not legal to sell your daughter!"
Gene: "The black market is a vibrant land of opportunity!"

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Guess who your new owner is!

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The Et residence in Sapphire Lake.

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