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Gene and Sky at the dinner party

Sky and Gene Et are the parents of Tiffany Et. They live in a house in the Sapphire Lake region of Gemstone Estates. Sky had dreamed of being a clinical pathologist before meeting Gene by chance; before they could blink, they got married and had five children in the span of seven years. Somehow, Sky is still able to keep up with the tykes at home. Gene, on the other hand, has the perfect middle-management position that affords him hours of video gaming on the job. They are nonetheless happily married. Mike is Gene's brother and Joseph Oven's cousin, tying the two families together in blood as well as location.


The couple first met when Sky served Gene's group of office pals. Sky was working as a waitress to pay for college, and on that particular night Gene was bold enough to ask her for her phone number. They soon married in a shotgun wedding. Gene and Sky supervise the largest household of the four Gemstone couples. Their two daughters are Tiffany, 9, and Frida, 4; their three sons are Mikey, 6, and twin 2-year-olds.

Sky Et[]

Sky Et née Marty is the mother of five and navigator of a maelstrom. She is constantly busy supervising the house, desperately trying to prevent catastrophe at the hands of the whimsical Tiff or the kinetic twins. While necessarily impatient and authoritative, Sky can be a pleasant and engaging woman if afforded a breather and some break time. She is close friends with Ms. Monster; indeed, Sky encourages any of the teacher's attempts to keep Tiffany occupied and, consequently, the Et house a little safer.

Gene Et[]

Gene Et is serendipity personified. He has been lucky in his career, his finances, and his marriage. Gene is easygoing and comfortable, spending his day job playing video games and his evenings relaxing with the kids after they have exhausted themselves (and their mother). He only takes a more active parenting role whenever Sky decides to reward herself with a well-deserved night off. Gene proudly wears shirts that pay homage to a wide variety of in-universe and actual fads and products.

The other parents[]