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Panel 1
(narration): Bud doesn't play any instrument. The best he does is sing along to his iPod when he's alone.
Bud: "♪Winter wrap-up!♪ ♪Winter wrap-uuuup!♪
Panel 2
(narration): Jacob's parents signed him up for piano lessons. He practices dutifully. But he's only mediocre.
(narration): ♪plink♪ plink plink♪
Panel 3
(narration): In theory, Autumn plays the violin — but she regards her time with it as a punishment. As does everyone else
(narration): ♪ ♪ ♪
Panel 4
(narration): Tiffany owns drumsticks. the whole world is her drum set.
(off panel): Bam bam whack bam wham bam bong wham bang bam bam wham bang bam bam whack bam bam
Sky: "Honey, go kill her."
Gene: "Will do."

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Multiple residences in Sapphire Lake: Oven, Linkletter, Pingo and Et.

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