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Quincy Wozwax
Vital statistics
Age 10
Birthday Unknown
Gender Male
Species German Shepherd
1st Appear. 13 Smiling Faces, Part 1/Mr. Scrabble Name
Neighborhood Copper Road
Parents Professor Wozwax (Mother)
Unrevealed (Father)

Quincy Wozwax is one of the kids in the combined 4th and 5th grade class of Poppinstock Academy. A 10-year-old German Shepherd pup, Quincy is a dedicated hardcore gamer who spends most of his life absorbed in World of Warcraft and other computer games. As such, his sightings in the outside world are few indeed. He sits on the "other" side of the class, away from the central characters. Quincy is the best friend of Kaitlyn Hu, although one might rightfully wonder how he has spent enough time away from his laptop to interact with her. He mainly draws attention to himself (wanted or otherwise) whenever he cosplays for a live-action roleplay.