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Arc Punishment
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Welcome back! Chained

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Panel 1
(off panel): "I'm sorry, Son, but you know we have t punish you for this one."
Jacob: "I know..."
Panel 2
(off panel): "Y'know, we get the wildest phone calls about you, Bud."
Bud: "I makes life interesting."
Panel 3
Tiffany" : "Not the box! You can't send me to the box!
(off panel): "Sorry, Tiff, but it's the rules."
Tiffany": "No!"
Panel 4
Autumn: "Honestly, I think the chains are a bit much."
(off panel): "Honestly, we disagree."

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Wait... the box?

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Each panel takes place in a difference Sapphire Lake residence. The Linkletter, the Oven, The Et and the Pingo ones respectively.

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