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Precocious is a daily webcomic created by Chris Paulsen. It debuted on January 1st, 2009. Precocious follows four kids - Bud Oven, Autumn Pingo, Jacob Linkletter, and Tiffany Et - that are way too smart for their own good and way too eccentric for everyone else's. These four kids, who live in the Sapphire Lake neighborhood of Gemstone Estates, tend to unleash a swarm of peculiar troubles and activities upon both their parents and their fellow classmates in the combined 4th and 5th grades at the Poppinstock Academy for Gifted Children. Each member of the cast is an anthropomorphic animal, with the majority of them being cats or dogs. Precocious has been rigorously updating since its initial launch and has grown to include over 600 main strips as well as a smaller spinoff, Copper Road, about the "other" side of the class.

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