Play with the big kids
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Strip Number 271
Arc Disorganized Sports
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The bench is cold and lonely Did we forget something?

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Panel 1
Michelangelo: "Hi. I have a not for Tiffany."
Kaitlyn: "Aww. Who's this cute fellow?"
Panel 2
Michelangelo: "I'm Michelangelo, Tiffany's brother. Mom sent me here becuase she got banned, and—"
(off panel): "Ooh! Hey, Mikey!"
Panel 3
Autumn: "I know you always want to play with the big kids, so here's your chance! You're a perfect size to be the catcher. Good luck kid!"
Panel 4
(off panel): "Freedom! Beautiful Freedom!"

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Michelangelo is not a Poppinstock kid, Autumn. You've ruined the integrity of the team!

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The Baseball Field in Gemstone Estates

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While this is not Mikey's first appearance it's his first named appearance

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