Unity! Victory! Peanut butter!

Peanut butter politics is a Precocious story arc. It ran in 2009 and consisted of strips #317-372.

Central character(s)[edit | edit source]

*** The school revolt ***

*** The class president election ***

Overview[edit | edit source]

A harmless comment sparks a schoolwide revolution that unhinges the entirety of Poppinstock Academy. The ensuing standoff leads to fierce negotiations between the students and the administration. After the fallout settles, Ms. Monster's class experiences a campaign for class president unlike any other.

Action[edit | edit source]

*** The school revolt ***

Max has brought his birthday snack, peanut butter delights, to school with him. A new first grader is deathly allergic to peanuts, though, and Ms. Monster has to confiscate Max's treats. The school then opts to ban all birthday parties to keep school hours "time for learning." The kids complain, but Dionne mentions that such an exertion of power is to be expected without student representation. Suzette hears this and, in her usual style, begins to protest that the children deserve a student union. The other kids (except Max) quickly hop on board this idea and storm out into the halls to recruit the other classes. They are so overwhelmingly successful that within moments the entire school is under their command. The administration is backed into a corner, powerless to stop the revolt. The kids employ the school counselor, Joseph Oven, to arbitrate a deal that awards them a voice in school affairs. The revolution finally concludes with the children victorious.

*** The class president election ***

As a consequence of the school revolt, the administration has decided to form a student council. The "other" side of the class discusses classroom dynamics, grudgingly agreeing that Roddy would be their most viable candidate. Roddy gleefully begins a campaign to woo votes from the ladies of the class. Kaitlyn interjects that Max might draw balanced support from both sides; however, Dionne has leaped into the fray and persuades Max not to run. She elicits a promise for his vote. A third challenger, Autumn, lasts but one day due to a library "scandal." Roddy acknowledges his sole remaining opponent and talks with Max to secure his vote. With the showdown settled, Roddy and Dionne launch their campaigns. Roddy reaches out to his classmates in unity. Dionne wants none of that and promises the Gemstone kids that, should she win, she will mercilessly crush the "other" side of the class and reward those who supported her. Election day arrives, and Ms. Monster nervously tallies the votes. By a 7-6 count, the election is won by the new 4th & 5th grade president: Dionne Crup. Max kept his promise to vote for her.

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