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Arc Party Crashers
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Not good for a victim? What they did

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Panel 1
(off panel): "Passport please! You're on foreign soil, Emerald Girl."
Suzette: "Whatever, Diamond Snobs. I can go anywhere I want!"
Panel 2
Dionne: "I'm sure the mental patients of Sapphire Lake disagree."
Suzette: "Maybe, but they're out of the picture."
Panel 3
Dionne: "What do you mean?"
Suzette: "I ran into Tiff's dad earlier..."
Panel 4
Suzette: "He was in Emerald Woods trying to locate out “friends&rdquo.;"
Panel 5
Suzette: "seems they're on the run after their latest exploit. After what they did, if they show their faces here again..."
Panel 6
Dionne: "You turn them in for a reward."
(off panel): "Right. Unless they offer me a suitable bribe."

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Wanted: Dead or Alive?

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The Playground in Sapphire Lake.

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This is the 2nd anniversary comic for the strip the url date is of due the comics were originally posted a different URL system and was not always a daily comic so the back dates are off.

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