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My Father's Son is a Precocious story arc. It ran in 2009 and consisted of strips #63-81.

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Autumn learns the bizarre ways and branches of the Oven family.


Autumn, still relatively new to the neighborhood, has been observing the familiarity of Bud and the Et family. She further notes that Bud appears to live alone, as evidenced by his precocious cooking skills and the emptiness of his house. Autumn confronts Bud about her suspicions, only for Bud to reveal that his eccentric father has been living under their noses the entire time - literally. Bud summons his dad from the Oven basement lab, proving his existence and dispelling Autumn's second concern. She later relays her first concern to Jacob, only to learn the obvious truth: Joseph Oven and Gene Et are cousins.

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My Father's Son

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