They're not all this normal, either.

Meeting the Precocious parents is a Precocious story arc. It ran in 2009 and consisted of strips #82-98.

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The Sapphire Lake kids host a dinner party for their parents, who discuss their unconventional lives.


Bud realizes after Autumn's confusion over his relation to the Ets that the Pingo family has never received a proper welcome to the neighborhood. Therefore, he recruits his friends to host a dinner party at his house for all of their parents. Each of the couples arranges to attend; Bud and his friends provide the dinner and cleanup while the adults socialize. Each couple talks a bit about their jobs, daily activities, and dynamics behind their marriage. The tales convey the habits of the peculiar Ovens, symmetrical Pingos, traditional Linkletters, and dichotomous Ets.

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Meeting the Precocious parents

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