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Max Zeit
Vital statistics
Age 10
Birthday Unknown
Gender Male
Species Wolf
1st Appear. 10 FEET, MAX!
Neighborhood Diamond Bluffs
Parents Unrevealed

Max Zeit is one of the primary supporting characters of Precocious. A 10-year-old wolf, Max is just about the nicest fellow ever to grace a plane of existence. He's not devious, not subversive, not chaotic, and not condescending - in summary, he shares precious little with his Poppinstock classmates other than intellect. Max resides in Diamond Bluffs with his parents, who have yet to visibly appear in the history of the comic but have nevertheless spoken a couple of lines while standing off-screen.


Max would be the nice guy in a company of nice guys, yet somehow he is still a recurring factor in the lives of the Sapphire Lake kids. Generous, kind, and amiable, Max would be a prime target like Jacob were it not for the physical strength that comes with his being a wolf. He thoroughly enjoys the sporting benefits of his luxurious neighborhood and lifestyle.


Max loves joining in the various Gemstone sports. He did not participate in the school revolt. Ironically, a convoluted sequence set him as the swing vote in the resultant class election for 4th & 5th grade president. Max resourcefully designed the live-action roleplay that saved his group during their random project.

Social bubble[]

Max is best friends with Roddy and attempts to be a reliable pal to everyone else he meets. He and Dionne are both Diamond kids and, therefore, unlikely cohorts. Max holds no ill will toward the Sapphire kids that don't always welcome his presence. He is aware that he is in a class of 13, not 7 or 4.

Max's triumphs[]

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