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Semantics Meet the Et swarm

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Panel 1
Bud: "This battle will stay in the borders of Sapphire Lake neighborhood. To ensure fairness, each side will base themselves in a house so a parent can verify all rules are followed. the girls can use Autumn's and we'll—"
(off panel): "Hold it!"
Panel 2
Autumn: "This isn't fair! Think about where our houses are located."
Panel 3
Autumn: "Both boys live in the center while Tiffany and I live on the ends. The boys have a full range of movement while we are pinned against the border. The bases beed to be fairly placed!"
Panel 4
Bud: "OK, fine. Tiffany, can we use your house to plot your demise?"

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A comic that is an excuse to draw a map of the neighborhood

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Bud's Clubhouse on the Oven residence in Sapphire Lake

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