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Precocious: #901–1000
Strip Title Arc Cast Location
901 Guest strip by Dark Chan More guest strips! Jacob, Autumn, Bud, Tiffany
902 Guest strip by Cookie More guest strips! Suzette, Roddy
903 Guest strip by Raiettei More guest strips! Sydney, Dianne, Bud
904 Trapped in a nightmare The first day is the hardest Ms. Monster
905 Back in my day The first day is the hardest Ms. Monster
906 Bad teacher The first day is the hardest Ms. Monster, Suzette
907 To the counselor's office! The first day is the hardest Max, Vincent, Kaitlyn, Yvette, Autumn, Tiffany, Joseph, Jacob, Bud, Quincy, Dionne
908 Rusty The first day is the hardest Ms. Monster, Bud, Autumn, Tiffany
909 Unprofessional The first day is the hardest Ms. Bard, Ms. Monster
910 Unstable The first day is the hardest Joseph, Ms. Monster
911 Challenge Accepted! Dare Bud, Jacob, Autumn
912 Spun Dare Tiffany, Jacob, Bud, Autumn
913 A declaration of love Dare Dionne, Bud
914 Dare or Death Dare Max, Dionne
915 I have regrets Dare Bud, Autumn, Jacob, Suzette
916 Poor word choice Dare Autumn, Jacob, Bud, Tiffany, Suzette
917 This dumb game Dare Ms. Monster, Roddy
918 Next week Birthday Bashing Autumn, Tiffany
919 Max is gonna have a party! Birthday Bashing Tiffy, Jacob, Bud, Autumn
920 The best parties Birthday Bashing Autumn, Jacob, Tiffany
921 Wit and personality Birthday Bashing Autumn
922 Bribe people Birthday Bashing Autumn, Ivy, Soren
923 Too much fun Birthday Bashing Jacob, Tiffany, Autumn, Bud
924 The battle of the birthdays Birthday Bashing Autumn, Tiffany, Bud, Jacob
925 Slumber party! Birthday Bashing Dionne, Kaitlyn, Yvette, Autumn, Max
926 Mandatory Birthday Bashing Kaitlyn, Autumn
927 A Glorious Plan Birthday Bashing Autumn, Suzette
928 Acceptable casualties Birthday Bashing Autumn, Jacob, Bud
929 Code violations Birthday Bashing Suzette, Autumn, Kaitlyn, Yvette
930 yay. Birthday Bashing Autumn, Kaitlyn, Dionne, Tiffany, Yvette
931 Pingoland Birthday Bashing Autumn, Ivy, Dionne, Tiffany
932 The grand tour Birthday Bashing Yvette, Suzette, Autumn, Ivy
933 Tofu Birthday Bashing Soren, Kaitlyn, Yvette, Autumn, Dionne, Suzette, Tiffany
934 Daffodil Birthday Bashing Yvette, Autumn, Kaitlyn
935 Frilly girly things Birthday Bashing Dionne, Kaitlyn, Tiffany, Autumn, Yvette, Suzette
936 Autumn's bedroom Birthday Bashing Tiffany, Autumn, Kaitlyn
937 A better grand tour Birthday Bashing Suzette, Autumn, Dionne, Kaitlyn, Tiffany
938 Program of Fun Birthday Bashing Autumn, Suzette
939 Liberated Birthday Bashing Suzette, Dionne, Yvette
940 Princess stuff Birthday Bashing Dionne, Suzette
941 Playing with dolls Birthday Bashing Suzette, Yvette
942 All dolled up Birthday Bashing Ivy, Ivydoll (unnamed)
943 All dolled up too Birthday Bashing Soren, Ivy, Pingoball (unnamed)
904 Tasty tofu Birthday Bashing Dionne, Suzette, Autumn, Tiffany, Kaitlyn, Yvette
945 Pingoball Birthday Bashing Ivy, Soren, Pingoball
946 Boy talk Birthday Bashing Yvette, Kaitlyn, Dionne, Autumn, Tiffany, Suzette
947 Gift card Birthday Bashing Autumn, Tiffany, Yvette, Kaitlyn
948 Consult a professional Birthday Bashing Suzette, Yvette, Kaitlyn, Autumn, Dionne, Tiffany, Ivy
949 Dessert choice Birthday Bashing Autumn, Dionne, Ivy
950 Bedding Birthday Bashing Ivy, Autumn
951 Pillows Birthday Bashing Tiffany, Autumn
952 Pillow Fight! Birthday Bashing Kaitlyn, Suzette, Yvette, Dionne, Tiffany, Autumn, Roddy
953 Six to one Birthday Bashing Roddy, Yvette, Suzette, Dionne, Autumn, Kaitlyn, Tiffany.
954 You are surrounded! Birthday Bashing Autumn, Roddy, Jacob, Bud, Max, Quincy, Vincent
955 The chump Birthday Bashing Kaitlyn, Autumn, Suzette, Dionne, Max, Roddy, Bud.
956 A counter-party Birthday Bashing Roddy, Bud, Quincy, Max, Jacob, Vincent, Xander
957 Have more fun Birthday Bashing Jacob, Max, Bud, Vincent, Quincy, Roddy
958 We must invade! Birthday Bashing Quincy, Jacob, Roddy, Bud, Vincent
959 De-funning Birthday Bashing Roddy, Dionne, Max, Autumn
960 Ivy and Soren Birthday Bashing Ivy, Pingoball, Soren
961 Those eyes! Birthday Bashing Jacob, Roddy, Yvette
962 Great Party Birthday Bashing Dionne, Tiffany, Suzette, Yvette, Kaitlyn, Autumn
963 Dionne's plea Birthday Bashing Dionne
964 Betrayal! Birthday Bashing Roddy, Autumn, Dionne, Vincent, Jacob, Bud, Max, Suzette
965 Another valuable lesson Birthday Bashing Bud, Autumn
966 The party is ruined Birthday Bashing Suzette
967 Nobody to the rescue Birthday Bashing Autumn, Ivy
968 A Challenge! Birthday Bashing Kaitlyn, Dionne, Roddy
969 Gentlemen... Birthday Bashing Roddy, Vincent
970 The Night of Fun: Girls Birthday Bashing Autumn, Suzette, Kaitlyn
971 The Night of Fun: Boys Birthday Bashing Jacob, Bud, Vincent
972 Goodnight, Pingos Birthday Bashing Soren, Ivy, Ivydoll, Pingoball
973 Max's birthday party Birthday Bashing Max
974 *WHAM* *WHAM* *WHAM* Silly Things Ms. Bard, Ms. Monster
975 House rules Silly Things Bud, Jacob
976 On Sapphire Lake Silly Things Jacob, Tiffany, Max, Dionne
977 Hugs! Silly Things Tiffany, Michelangelo, Sky, Frida, The Et twins
978 The usual suspects Silly Things Sydney, Bud, Autumn, Jacob, Tiffany
979 Another invention Silly Things Bud, Harvey
980 You know the drill Silly Things Sky, Tiffany
981 Rise Silly Things Bud (Dr. Oven), Autumn
982 Muffins of Delight Silly Things Bud, Customer (Darius Akaelae), Autumn
983 The Scarlet A Silly Things Ivy, Autumn (Scarlet A)
984 Problems solved Silly Things Suzette, mlp:Rainbow Dash
985 Let's try cooking! Silly Things Harvey, Jacob (Target Man)
986 Diamond Bluffs Silly Things Max
987 *Flap* *Flap* Silly Things Tiffany (Chaotic Butterfly)
988 Thankful 1 Silly Things Bud
989 Thankful 2 Silly Things Autumn
990 Thankful 3 Silly Things Tiffany
991 Thankful 4 Silly Things Deirdre, Bud, Harvey, Jacob, Autumn, Tiffany
992 Thankful 5 Silly Things Ms. Mosnter, Ms. Bard, Joseph
993 Thankful 6 Silly Things Sydney
994 Thankful 7 Silly Things Hiram, Wen, Kaitlyn, Quincy, Vincent
995 Spend! Silly Things Autumn, Bud
996 For Sale Silly Things Jacob, Bud, Tiffany
997 Substitute teacher Silly Things Substitute (Gingerfox), Joseph
998 Healthy behavior Silly Things Jacob, Bud, Autumn
999 Checklist Silly Things Bud, Autumn
1000 EVERYBODY! Silly Things Gene, Sky, The Et twins, Frida, Ms. Bard, Uncle Mike, Michelangelo, Dionne, Soren, Quincy, Xander, Vincent, Autumn, Ivy, Harvey, Wen, Kaitlyn, On Cue Ball‏‎, Bud, Tiffany, Hiram, Deirdre, Yvette, Jacob, Pingoball, Shii Ann, Ms. Monster, Suzette, Joseph, Sydney, Casey, Roddy