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Precocious: #801–900
Strip Title Arc Cast Location
801 Mauled by children Bright Kids, Big City Sky
802 Mauled by children some more Bright Kids, Big City Sky, Gene, News Anchor (unnamed)
803 Crimes were committed Bright Kids, Big City Uncle Mike, Sky
804 An action-packed school year The end of the school year Ms. Monster, Jacob, Autumn, Bud, Max
805 Survived exams The end of the school year Ms. Monster
806 Ice cream social The end of the school year Dionne
807 Completely uncivilized The end of the school year Ms. Bard, Vincent, Tiffany, Ms. Monster
808 You'll never be free The end of the school year Ms. Monster, Autumn, Bud, Kaitlyn, Jacob, Tiffany
809 Part of that group? The end of the school year Bud, Joseph
810 A sleeping Monster The end of the school year Tiffany, Jacob, Bud, Autumn
811 The fuse The donation drive Bud, Tiffany
812 So it's finally come to this The donation drive Bud, Tiffany, Jacob
813 Incentives The donation drive Autumn, Bud, Jacob
814 The secret is out! The donation drive Tiffany, bud, Autumn
815 Moral support The donation drive Tiffany, Jacob
816 Your valiant cartoonist The donation drive Bud, Chris Paulsen, Autumn
817 Back to those wacky adventures! The donation drive Jacob, Bud, Tiffany
818 The protest begins The protest Jacob, Suzette
819 Someone had to take a stand The protest Jacob, Suzette
820 A convincing argument The protest Autumn, Jacob, Suzette
821 The counter-protest begins The protest Bud, Suzette, Autumn, Jacob
822 A global phenomenon The protest Dionne, Suzette, Roddy, Tiffany, Autumn, Bud, Jacob, Kaitlyn, Wen, Max, Reporter (unnamed), News Anchor (unnamed), Protestors (unnamed)
823 So much mail The protest Bud, Jacob
824 Merchandising The protest Jacob, Suzette
825 The Star The lapsed librarian Autumn, Ivy
826 Yes The lapsed librarian Ivy, Autumn
827 A job! The lapsed librarian Ivy, Autumn
828 The internet dream The lapsed librarian Ivy, Autumn
829 Eep. The lapsed librarian Ivy, Autumn
830 A marriage destroyed. The lapsed librarian Soren, Ivy
831 Really. The lapsed librarian Ivy, Soren
832 Rooting for you Tennis time! Roddy, Max
833 Max's fan base Tennis time! Dionne, Roddy, Max
834 Polite and respectful Tennis time! Max, Dionne
835 Plans Change Tennis time! Max, Dionne
836 The finalists Tennis time! Roddy, Dionne, Max, Johnny
837 The tennis champions Tennis time! Max, Suzette
838 A win is a win Tennis time! Dionne, Suzette, Roddy, Max
839 BONUS COMICS DAY! Bonus Comics Day Jacob, Bud
840 Bonus music comic 1 Bonus Comics Day Tiffany
841 Bonus music comic 2 Bonus Comics Day Vincent, Autumn
842 Bonus music comic 3 Bonus Comics Day Bud, Jacob, Sydney
843 Bonus music comic 4 Bonus Comics Day Sky, Sydney, Gene, Ivy, Autumn, Bud, Tiffany, Jacob
844 Bonus music comic 5 Bonus Comics Day Jacob, Harvey, Deirdre
845 Bonus music comic 6 Bonus Comics Day Tiffany
846 Bonus music comic 7 Bonus Comics Day Joseph, Bud, Sydney, Casey
847 Bonus music comic 8 Bonus Comics Day Autumn, Jacob
848 Bonus music comic 9 Bonus Comics Day Jacob
849 Bonus music comic 10 Bonus Comics Day Dionne, Max
850 Bonus music comic 11 Bonus Comics Day Jacob, Autumn, Bud, Tiffany, Sky
851 Bonus music comic 12 Bonus Comics Day Suzette, Jacob
852 Bonus music comic 13 Bonus Comics Day Autumn, Jacob, Bud, Tiffany
853 Bonus music comic 14 Bonus Comics Day Tiffany, Roddy, Jacob, Autumn, Bud
854 Bonus music comic 15 Bonus Comics Day Vincent
855 TV Research Compensated Endorsers Ivy, Autumn
856 What's on TV? Compensated Endorsers Soren, Autumn, Ivy
857 Dionne's commercial Compensated Endorsers Dionne, Bud, Tiffany, Jacob, Autumn
858 The Sweetness is from the Love Compensated Endorsers Roddy, Max
859 Stalkers Compensated Endorsers Dionne, Tiffany, Bud, Autumn, Jacob
860 The effectiveness of ads Compensated Endorsers Dionne, Bud, Jacob, Tiffany, Autumn
861 Lame, but profitable Compensated Endorsers Dionne, Tiffany, Autumn,Bud, Harvey, Deirdre, Jacob
862 A friendly call Compensated Endorsers Bud, Dionne
863 We're actors now! Compensated Endorsers Bud, Sydney
864 Always a businesswoman Compensated Endorsers Bud, Sydney
865 Sydney the showbiz mom Compensated Endorsers Director (unnamed) Sydney, Bud, Autumn, Jacob, Tiffany
866 Craft service Compensated Endorsers Director (unnamed), Tiffany, Bud, Jacob, Autumn
867 Acting experience Compensated Endorsers Director (unnamed), Bud, Autumn, Tiffany, Jacob
868 Little actors Compensated Endorsers Jacob, Tiffany, Autumn, Director (unnamed), Bud
869 The Death Palace Compensated Endorsers Director (unnamed), Jacob
870 The Gingerbread House Compensated Endorsers Director (unnamed), Jacob
871 Script inconsistencies Compensated Endorsers Director (unnamed), Autumn
872 Not the message Compensated Endorsers Director (unnamed), Tiffany
873 A good kind of vomit? Compensated Endorsers Director (unnamed), Tiffany
874 Stick to the script Compensated Endorsers Director (unnamed), Bud
875 The Greatest of All Bakers Compensated Endorsers Bud, Autumn
876 ACTING! Compensated Endorsers Dionne, Bud
877 Rule #2 The rules Bud, Sydney
878 Rule #8 The rules Sky, Tiffany
879 Rule #19 The rules Harvey, Jacob
880 Rule #16 The rules Autumn, Soren
881 Rule #7 The rules Gene, Sky, Tiffany
882 Rule #25 The rules Bud, Autumn, Ivy
883 Sold Off to camp? Tiffany, Sky, Gene
884 Summer camp? Off to camp? Tiffany, Sky, Gene
885 Enjoying too much freedom Off to camp? Tiffany, Sky, Gene
886 The power of friendship Off to camp? Bud, Tiffany
887 The brochure Off to camp? Gene, Tiffany, Sky
888 Anything Off to camp? Michelangelo, Frida, Gene, Tiffany, Sky
889 One signed contract Off to camp? Sky, Gene
890 Request Week #1: Jacob winning Request week Bud, Autumn, Tiffany, Jacob
891 Request Week #2: Yvette riding Fluttershy Request week Yvette, mlp:Fluttershy
892 Request Week #3: Precocious greeting cards Request week Bud, Jacob, Autumn, Tiffany
893 Request Week #4: The kids as teenagers Request week Bud, Autumn, Jacob, Tiffany
894 Request Week #5: Ninjas Request week Bud
895 Request Week #6: Musical instruments? Request week Bud, Jacob, Autumn, Sky, Gene
896 Request Week #7: A time machine is built Request week Tiffany, Autumn
897 Guest strip by Mat Sherer More guest strips! Tiffany, Autumn
898 Guest strip by Pea More guest strips! Bud, Autumn, Jacob, Tiffany
899 Guest strip by Darc Sowers More guest strips! Sky, Tiffany
900 900 More guest strips! Tiffany, Bud