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Precocious: #1801–1900
Strip Title Arc Cast
1801 Impolite Conquering The Multiverse Tiffany, The Et twins, Frida, Bystanders (unnamed)
1802 Polite Conquering The Multiverse Bud, Seley & Fox
1803 Attack of the Clones The Multiverse Ginger, Steven Lo, Autumn
1804 Evil Max The Multiverse Max, Dionne
1805 Beyond Belief The Multiverse Gene, Sky
1806 One Universe Over The Multiverse Autumn, Jacob
1807 Uncertain Weather Wintry Mix Ms. Monster, Cardboard Monster, Dionne
1808 Weather Nun Wintry Mix Weather Woman (unnamed), Gene, Sky
1809 Heads or tails? Wintry Mix Kaitlyn, Quincy, Vincent
1810 School day suspense Wintry Mix Autumn, Ivy
1811 Telecommuting Wintry Mix Sky, Gene
1812 Trapped with family Wintry Mix Jacob, Bud, Casey
1813 HEEEEEEEEERE'S TIFFANY! Wintry Mix Tiffany, Sky
1814 Snowball fight! Wintry Mix Bud, Jacob, Autumn, Casey
1815 Loco for Cocoa Wintry Mix Bud, Deirdre, Jacob
1816 The Inventor Returns Wintry Mix Bud, Harvey
1817 Ice Lightning Wintry Mix Bud, Jacob, Autumn, Kaitlyn
1818 Just Thought I'd Drop In Wintry Mix Kaitlyn,Jacob, Vincent
1819 Beautiful Scene Wintry Mix Ivy, Soren
1820 Cardboard Monster Wintry Mix Quincy, Vincent, Suzette, Dionne, Yvette, Roddy, Max, Bud, Tiffany, Ursula, Autumn, Jacob, Kaitlyn, Cardboard Monster, Joseph, Ms. Bard‏‎
1821 Geektivities Collectible Card Shame Quincy, Kaitlyn
1822 Community College Students Collectible Card Shame Kaitlyn, Quincy
1823 Pointless distraction Collectible Card Shame Quincy, Kaitlyn, Jacob, Autumn, Tiffany
1824 Burned Base Collectible Card Shame Autumn, Quincy, Tiffany, Kaitlyn, Jacob, Bud
1825 Deck Troubles Collectible Card Shame Autumn, Quincy, Kaitlyn, Tiffany, Jacob
1826 Friendapult Collectible Card Shame Bud, Quincy, Kaitlyn
1827 Maybe Collectible Card Shame Kaitlyn, Bud, Quincy
1828 Gaming fads Collectible Card Shame Ms. Monster, Principal Blessure, Autumn
1829 A new game Collectible Card Shame Kaitlyn, Bud, Jacob, Tiffany
1830 Nothing Terrible Collectible Card Shame Shii Ann, Kaitlyn, On Cue Ball‏‎, Tiffany
1831 The Lunch Room and Resort Collectible Card Shame Max, Jacob, Dionne, Yvette, Joseph, Principal Blessure, Autumn, Bud
1832 The Game Board Collectible Card Shame Ms. Monster, Tiffany
1833 Not a card game Collectible Card Shame Kaitlyn, Quincy
1834 Fiendish Game Collectible Card Shame Ursula
1835 Goldenrod Alert Un-Red Alert Ms. Monster, Principal Blessure
1836 Maroon Alert Un-Red Alert Jacob, Autumn
1837 Navy Alert Un-Red Alert Bud, Officer Dawson
1838 Saffron Alert Un-Red Alert Tiffany, Jacob
1839 Pistachio Alert Un-Red Alert Decoy Yvette, Decoy Jacob, Cardboard Monster
1840 Orange Alert Un-Red Alert Autumn, Bud
1841 Mint Alert Un-Red Alert Ursula, Max
1842 Lemon Alert Un-Red Alert Ms. Monster, Kaitlyn
1843 Burnt Umber Alert Un-Red Alert Ms. Monster, Kaitlyn
1844 Silver Alert Un-Red Alert Principal Blessure, Roddy
1845 Ivory Alert Un-Red Alert Bud, Principal Blessure
1846 Turquoise Alert Un-Red Alert Candy, Ms. Monster
1847 Indigo Alert Un-Red Alert Suzette
1848 Eggshell Alert Un-Red Alert Tiffany, Joseph
1849 No backups Captives Autumn, Jacob
1850 Treasured possessions Captives Autumn, Tiffany, Jacob, Bud
1851 Detective Jacob Captives Bud, Jacob, Tiffany
1852 Ransom Note Captives Bud, Dionne
1853 Pinterest Captives Dionne, Tiffany, Jacob, Bud
1854 Simple demands Captives Dionne, Bud, Autumn, Jacob
1855 Snoop Suiting Captives Bud, Jacob, Autumn, Tiffany
1856 The Dungeon of Suburbia Captives Jacob, Bud, Autumn, Roddy
1857 No one's favorite Captives Dionne, Bud, Roddy, Tiffany, Jacob
1858 Unbreakable Bond Captives Dionne, Max
1859 Hostage Negotiation Captives Dionne, Suzette
1860 Too secure Captives Jacob, Bud, Roddy, Tiffany, Suzette, Dionne
1861 C-listers Captives Suzette, Dionne, Jacob
1862 Happy endings (for one) Captives Autumn, Suzette, Dionne, Bud
1863 Shaping Culture The Power of Words Autumn, Bud
1864 Sere here! The Power of Words Autumn, Soren
1865 Ridiculous Slang The Power of Words Sky, Gene
1866 Watermelon The Power of Words Gene, Sky
1867 Code breakers The Power of Words Ivy, Soren, Deirdre
1868 Plausible Deniability The Power of Words Soren, Autumn
1869 The trends of youth The Power of Words Jacob, Tiffany, Sky, Gene
1870 Planters Green Thumb/Black Thumb Autumn, Bud, Joseph
1871 Planting Evidence Green Thumb/Black Thumb Bud, Autumn
1872 I wanna grow! Green Thumb/Black Thumb Bud, Autumn, Tiffany, Jacob
1873 Like watching grass grow Green Thumb/Black Thumb Tiffany, Sky
1874 Hot Pepper Green Thumb/Black Thumb Tiffany
1875 Gardethrillning Green Thumb/Black Thumb Bud, Tiffany, Joseph
1876 Forbidden flora Green Thumb/Black Thumb Tiffany, Autumn, Bud, Jacob
1877 Cute and Scary Green Thumb/Black Thumb Tiffany, Jacob, Autumn, Bud
1878 Responsible Ownership Green Thumb/Black Thumb Tiffany, Bud, Autumn, Jacob
1879 Up a Tree Green Thumb/Black Thumb Jacob
1880 A good gag Green Thumb/Black Thumb Deirdre, Jacob
1881 Bam-zu Green Thumb/Black Thumb Autumn, Bud
1882 Apocalypse Now Green Thumb/Black Thumb Bud, Autumn, Jacob, Tiffany
1883 An end to all life Green Thumb/Black Thumb Bud, Harvey
1884 Move to escape Discard Pile Gene, Sky
1885 A house in play Discard Pile Autumn, Bud, Jacob, Tiffany
1886 The Real Housewives of Sapphire Lake Discard Pile Sky, An Et twin, Ivy
1887 Too late! Discard Pile Sky, Ivy, Tiffany
1888 Filing or Family Discard Pile Autumn, Ivy, Bud
1889 Vinyl Discard Pile Jacob (Hipster), Bud, Tiffany
1890 Scrapbooker Discard Pile Dionne, Suzette
1891 Junk Discard Pile Autumn, Bud
1892 Down with the ship Discard Pile Dionne, Max, Bud
1893 The Game of Loot Discard Pile Bud, Max
1894 Anything left? Discard Pile Bud, Autumn, Jacob (Hipster), Tiffany
1895 Greatest Hits Discard Pile Sky, Gene, Tiffany (Glam Rocker), Bud (Glam Rocker)
1896 New Neighbor Discard Pile Robert
1897 Man of the House Discard Pile Mrs. Finnegan
1898 Pingo Family Portrait Gemstone Estates Family Portraits Ivy, Autumn, Soren, Pingoball‏‎
1899 Oven Family Portrait Gemstone Estates Family Portraits Decoy Casey, Decoy Sydney, Bud, Decoy Joseph
1900 Linkletter Family Portrait Gemstone Estates Family Portraits Harvey, Deirdre, Jacob, Decoy Yvette