Precocious: #1701–1800
Strip Title Arc Cast
1701 Bobblehead Trick and/or Treat Ms. Monster (Hippy), Jacob (Bobblehead Jacob)
1702 Chef's special Trick and/or Treat Max (Waiter), Ms. Monster (Hippy), Bud (head on a silver platter)
1703 Real-life horrors Trick and/or Treat Suzette (Principal Blessure), Ms. Monster (Hippy), Autumn (Ms. Bard)
1704 Helpful service Trick and/or Treat Max (Waiter), Dionne (Hannibal Lector)
1705 Kaitlyn's Costume Trick and/or Treat Ms. Monster (Hippy), Max (Waiter), Kaitlyn (On Hu Ball), Autumn (Ms. Bard)
1706 I wanna see! Trick and/or Treat Vincent (Buster), Ursula (Vinyl Scratch), Kaitlyn (On Hu Ball), On Cue Ball
1707 The grand prize winner Trick and/or Treat Ms. Monster (Hippy), Dionne (Hannibal Lector), Max (Waiter), Ursula (Vinyl Scratch), Roddy (No. 2 Pencil), Tiffany (Tiffra)), Quincy (Ghostbuster), Bud (head on a silver platter), Vincent (Buster), Kaitlyn, On Cue Ball
1708 Golden Ticket Trick and/or Treat Vincent, Ms. Monster
1709 Rule #18 More Rules Autumn, Soren
1710 Rule #22 More Rules Sydney, Bud, Tiffany
1711 Rule #11 More Rules Harvey, Jacob (Kid Jacob)
1712 Rule #14 More Rules Bud, Sky
1713 Rule #21 More Rules Bud, Jacob
1714 Rule #17 More Rules Joseph, Gene
1715 Rule #3 More Rules Ivy, Soren
1716 Chapter 2: Name Change Criminal Destroyers: Chapter 2 Tiffany (Wild Card), Autumn (Trapper Keeper)
1717 Never Criminals Criminal Destroyers: Chapter 2 Jacob (Sturdy J), Autumn (Trapper Keeper), Ivy
1718 Do-Gooders* Criminal Destroyers: Chapter 2 Jacob (Sturdy J), Bud (The Champ), Ivy, Autumn (Trapper Keeper), Tiffany (Wild Card)
1719 Do-Wellers Criminal Destroyers: Chapter 2 Autumn (Trapper Keeper), Bud (The Champ), Jacob (Sturdy J), Tiffany (Wild Card)
1720 A Criminal Act Criminal Destroyers: Chapter 2 Johnny‏‎, Wen, Autumn (Trapper Keeper), Tiffany (Wild Card)
1721 End of Chapter 2 Criminal Destroyers: Chapter 2 Jacob (Sturdy J), Autumn (Trapper Keeper), Bud (The Champ), Tiffany (Wild Card)
1722 A waste of costumes Criminal Destroyers: Chapter 2 Bud (The Champ), Autumn (Trapper Keeper), Jacob (Sturdy J), Tiffany (Wild Card)
1723 Laurel Jenkins The Ursula Effect Jacob, Deirdre
1724 Letter Flip The Ursula Effect Jacob, Xander, Ursula
1725 The Ursula Effect The Ursula Effect Jacob, Bud, Autumn, Tiffany
1726 Try not to think about it The Ursula Effect Jacob
1727 Jacob's Nightmare The Ursula Effect Jacob, Laurel Jenkins (dream)
1728 Hi, We're the Replacements The Ursula Effect Jacob, Dionne, Calvin Dingle (dream)
1729 Class supergenius The Ursula Effect Jacob, Percy Andukar (dream)
1730 Redistricted The Ursula Effect Jacob, Principal Blessure, Olivia Bean (dream)
1731 The crater The Ursula Effect Jacob, Mr. Thyme (dream), Elmer Thyme (dream)
1732 Teacher's Aide The Ursula Effect Jacob, Angelo Alpha (dream), Ms. Monster
1733 Male Oppressor The Ursula Effect Jacob, Graham Summers (dream), Suzette
1734 No attachment The Ursula Effect Jacob, The Replacements (dream), Suzette, Xander
1735 The dreamer The Ursula Effect Harvey, Deirdre, Jacob
1736 What's in a name? The Ursula Effect Deirdre, Jacob
1737 Bus Pass Downtown Tiffany, Sky, Bud, Autumn, Jacob
1738 Public Transportation Downtown Jacob, Bud, Tiffany
1739 Olde Towne Downtown Bud, Autumn, Jacob, Shopkeep (unnamed), Tiffany
1740 Walking Mall Downtown Autumn, Jacob, Tiffany, Bud
1741 Cruelty and Evil Downtown Autumn, Bud, Jacob, Tiffany
1742 Deathland Downtown Bud, Tiffany, Jacob, Autumn
1743 Crime Ring Downtown Tiffany, Sky
1744 Gift Exchanges Holiday Exchange Ms. Monster, Ursula, Roddy
1745 A common tradition Holiday Exchange Ursula, Ms. Monster
1746 Legally sound Holiday Exchange Principal Blessure, Joseph, Jacob
1747 Never be rational Holiday Exchange Autumn, Ms. Monster, Jacob, Tiffany, Bud
1748 Rules of the exchange Holiday Exchange Ms. Monster, Dionne, Jacob, Autumn
1749 Body and Soul Holiday Exchange Tiffany, Bud, Jacob, Autumn
1750 Gray and Sterile Holiday Exchange Ms. Monster, Bud, Autumn, Kaitlyn
1751 Tiffany's Gift Holiday Exchange Ms. Monster, Kaitlyn, Tiffany
1752 Yvette's Gift Holiday Exchange Suzette, Yvette, Ms. Monster
1753 Kaitlyn's Gift Holiday Exchange Roddy, Kaitlyn, Yvette, Tiffany
1754 Bud's Gift Holiday Exchange Vincent, Bud
1755 Suzette's Gift Holiday Exchange Ursula, Suzette
1756 Quincy's Gift Holiday Exchange Max, Quincy
1757 Jacob's Gift Holiday Exchange Tiffany, Jacob
1758 Ursula's Gift Holiday Exchange Yvette, Ursula, Kaitlyn
1759 Autumn's Gift Holiday Exchange Ms. Monster, Autumn, Jacob
1760 Dionne's Gift Holiday Exchange Bud, Dionne, Kaitlyn
1761 Max's Gift Holiday Exchange Ms. Monster, Dionne, Max
1762 Roddy's Gift Holiday Exchange Roddy, Quincy, Kaitlyn
1763 Vincent's Gift Holiday Exchange Jacob, Vincent
1764 Bette's Gift Holiday Exchange Bud, Jacob, Tiffany, Autumn, Ursula, Ms. Monster
1765 Dolls to the Rescue! The time of dolls Autumn (doll), Jacob (doll), Tiffany (doll), Bud (doll)
1766 Chrisp-Cola The time of dolls Tiffany (doll), Autumn (doll), Jacob (doll), Bud (doll)
1767 Doll buddies The time of dolls Twilight Sparkle (doll), Autumn (doll), Tiffany (doll), Pinky Pie (doll), Rarity (doll), Bud (doll), Rainbow Dash (doll), Jacob (doll)
1768 One favor? The time of dolls Jacob (doll), Tiffany (doll)
1769 The Dictator The time of dolls Bud (doll)
1770 Who's the bigger threat? The time of dolls Autumn (doll), Jacob (doll), Tiffany (doll), Bud (doll)
1771 OK, that's enough of THAT! The time of dolls Autumn (doll), Bud (doll), Tiffany (doll)
1772 Indulgence Continues DESSERTion Ms. Hillburn, Autumn, Ivy, Deirdre, Bystanders (unnamed), Bud
1773 Fig Bars DESSERTion Eva, Yvette, Candy
1774 Lemoncado DESSERTion Jacob, Bud, Vincent, Mr. Iddenstein
1775 Ladyfingers DESSERTion Robert, Jacob, Caryn, Bystanders (unnamed)
1776 Uh-Ohs DESSERTion Kaitlyn, Autumn
1777 Flavored popcorn DESSERTion Gene, Dionne, Frida, Hiram, Shii Ann, Wen
1778 Tiff Treats DESSERTion Sky, Michelangelo, Bystanders (unnamed), Jacob, Tiffany
1779 Third offense The Bad Apple Ms. Monster, Ursula
1780 Problem Solving Under Panic The Bad Apple Ursula, Ms. Monster
1781 A cover story The Bad Apple Ursula, Quincy
1782 I can lie! The Bad Apple Ms. Monster, Ursula, Kaitlyn
1783 48 colors of headache The Bad Apple Principal Blessure, Ms. Monster
1784 'Slating me' The Bad Apple Principal Blessure, Ms. Monster
1785 Olive Alert The Bad Apple Ms. Monster, Joseph, Ms. Bard
1786 Lavender'd The Bad Apple Ms. Monster, Joseph
1787 Catalyst of Horror The Bad Apple Ursula, Ms. Monster, Vincent
1788 Tofu Girl The Bad Apple Ms. Monster, Principal Blessure
1789 The Mythical Xanes The Bad Apple Kaitlyn, Quincy, Ursula, Ms. Monster, Vincent
1790 Things won't change The Bad Apple Kaitlyn, Quincy, Xander, Principal Blessure
1791 What endgame? The Bad Apple Ms. Bard, Ms. Monster
1792 Criminal saviors The Bad Apple Ursula, Vincent, Quincy, Jacob, Kaitlyn, Dionne, Ms. Monster
1793 The Colaverse The Multiverse Bud, Tiffany
1794 Tourism Ads The Multiverse Jacob, Autumn, Bud, Tiffany
1795 Mirror Universe The Multiverse Quincy, Dionne, Jacob, Tiffany, Bud, Autumn, Suzette, Max
1796 Super Weird Crazy The Multiverse Vincent
1797 The kindest Tiffany of all The Multiverse Tiffany, Autumn
1798 The weirdest universe yet The Multiverse Bud, Tiffany, Autumn, Ginger
1799 Have cola, will travel The Multiverse Bud, Tiffany, Autumn, Jacob
1800 Spaceverse The Multiverse Jacob, Bystanders (unnamed)

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