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Precocious: #1201–1300
Strip Title Arc Cast Location
1201 The replacement Hair today... Autumn, Bud, Kaitlyn
1202 Too much change Hair today... Autumn, Jacob
1203 A second Autumn Hair today... Autumn, Tiffany
1204 The imposter Hair today... Tiffany, Autumn
1205 Flambé Friendly fire Bud
1206 A dinner delayed Friendly fire Bud, Tiffany
1207 The losses Friendly fire Bud, Jacob
1208 Mr. Useful Friendly fire Bud, Sky, Michelangelo, Gene
1209 Not my week Friendly fire Tiffany, Bud
1210 The hip new trend Friendly fire Bud, Autumn, Jacob
1211 Shell-shocked Friendly fire Autumn, Bud
1212 Lucid Because I can Tiffany, Frida, Jacob, Police Officers (unnamed)
1213 52nd Strike Because I can Judge (unnamed), Candy, Tiffany, Bailiffs (unnamed)
1214 Hard time Because I can Tiffany
1215 Mr. Party Guy Because I can Autumn, Tiffany, Bud, Jacob
1216 Awesome dreams Because I can Bud, Tiffany
1217 St. Elsewhere Because I can Autumn, Jacob, Bud, Tiffany, Kid (unnamed)
1218 Gone downhill Because I can Gene, Sky
1219 Tropical storm Stormy Weather Jacob, Autumn
1220 Hurricane Jacob Stormy Weather Bud, Tiffany, Jacob
1221 Collision course Stormy Weather News Anchor (unnamed), Weatherwoman (unnamed),Bud, Tiffany, Autumn, Jacob
1222 The unwanted Stormy Weather Autumn, Jacob
1223 The storm hits Stormy Weather Ivy, Autumn
1224 We were warned about this Stormy Weather Bud, Sydney, Joseph, Casey
1225 The spirit of capitalism Stormy Weather Bud, Jacob, Suzette
1226 Daysleepers Night Terrors Bud, Casey, Jacob, Harvey, Deirdre, Ivy, Sky, Tiffany
1227 Optimal Viewing Night Terrors Autumn, Soren, Ivy
1228 The meteor shower Night Terrors Sky, Bud, Autumn, Jacob, Tiffany
1229 Creatures of the Night Night Terrors Jacob, Sky, Autumn, Tiffany, Bud
1230 A New Moon Night Terrors Autumn, Jacob, Tiffany
1231 Parental supervision Night Terrors Tiffany, Bud, Ivy, Autumn, Jacob
1232 Night walks Night Terrors Ivy, Autumn, Soren
1233 Late-night TV Night Terrors Bud
1234 Children's Laughter Night Terrors Gene, Et's Neighbor (unnamed), Jacob, Tiffany
1235 Fear the light Night Terrors Sydney, Bud, Tiffany, Autumn, Jacob
1236 A short phase Night Terrors Sky, Gene, Jacob, Tiffany
1237 Totally free Night Terrors Jacob, Tiffany, Bat-Spaniel (unnamed)
1238 Implicated Night Terrors Gene, Jacob, Tiffany
1239 Caped crusader Night Terrors Ivy, Bud, Autumn, Bat-Spaniel
1240 The Tiff is out there The Et-Files Sky, Frida, Tiff's button
1241 The Agents The Et-Files Bud (Agent Oven), Autumn (Agent Pingo), Sky
1242 Unexplained phenomena The Et-Files Bud (Agent Oven), Autumn (Agent Pingo), Sky
1243 The mad muralist The Et-Files Autumn (Agent Pingo), Bud (Agent Oven)
1244 Crazy theories The Et-Files Jacob (Asst. Director Linkletter), Bud (Agent Oven), Autumn (Agent Pingo)
1245 Dazed and disheveled The Et-Files Sky, Bud (Agent Oven), Autumn (Agent Pingo), Tiffany
1246 Abducted The Et-Files Tiffany, Autumn (Agent Pingo), Sky
1247 A creature of chaos The Et-Files Tiffany, Bud (Agent Oven), Autumn (Agent Pingo), Sky
1248 Ridiculously outlandish The Et-Files Autumn (Agent Pingo), Bud (Agent Oven)
1249 Follow the blue The Et-Files Bud (Agent Oven), Autumn (Agent Pingo), Tiffany
1250 The higher ups The Et-Files Jacob (Asst. Director Linkletter), Autumn (Agent Pingo), Bud (Agent Oven), Gene, Sky
1251 More paintings The Et-Files Bud (Agent Oven), Autumn (Agent Pingo)
1252 Conspiracy nut The Et-Files Suzette, Autumn (Agent Pingo), Bud (Agent Oven)
1253 Doctor Hu The Et-Files Kaitlyn (Doctor Hu), Bud (Agent Oven)
1254 Deciphered paintings The Et-Files Autumn (Agent Pingo), Kaitlyn (Doctor Hu), Bud (Agent Oven)
1255 A diversion The Et-Files Bud (Agent Oven), Autumn (Agent Pingo), Kaitlyn (Doctor Hu)
1256 Mr. X The Et-Files Bud (Agent Oven), Autumn (Agent Pingo), Roddy (Mr. X)
1257 Getting too close The Et-Files Roddy (Mr. X), Autumn (Agent Pingo), Bud (Agent Oven)
1258 A huge conspiracy The Et-Files Sky, Bud (Agent Oven), Autumn (Agent Pingo), Tiffany
1259 The case is closed The Et-Files Jacob (Asst. Director Linkletter), Bud (Agent Oven), Autumn (Agent Pingo), Dionne (unnamed)
1260 A confusing ending The Et-Files Dionne (Director Crup), Max (Agent Zeit), Jacob (Asst. Director Linkletter)
1261 Bud's favorite Fine dining Bud, Sydney, Waitress (Joan Cutter), Hostess (Tipper O'Donnell née Namir)
1262 The usual spot Fine dining Sydney, Bud, Hostess (Tipper), Casey
1263 Today's specials Fine dining Bud, Casey, Candy
1264 One punch Fine dining Manager (Charles O'Donnell) Casey, Sydney, Bud
1265 A bad dish Fine dining Casey, Diner (Falco Van Helgen), Watiress (Marla O' Donnell), Chef(Twix Dorpe-Namir )
1266 Shift's over Fine dining Casey, Diner (Mallory Duck), Diner (Cedric Van Helgen)
1267 Casey's gone Fine dining Autumn, Bud
1268 Guest strip by Ahmed Fahim Guest Week 3 Jacob, Bud, Autumn, Tiffany, Kaitlyn, Yvette, On Cue Ball
1269 Guest strip by Jackie Wohlenhaus Guest Week 3 Autumn, Tiffany
1270 Guest strip by Dark Guest Week 3 Autumn, Tiffany, Bud, Jacob
1271 Guest strip by Lemmo Guest Week 3 Bud, Autumn, Jacob
1272 Guest strip by Heidi Black Guest Week 3 Autumn, Kaitlyn, Bud, Tiffany
1273 Guest strip by Michelle Van Zandt Guest Week 3 Bud, Tsar
1274 Guest strip by ArtistJess Guest Week 3 Bud, Autumn
1275 Guest strip by Carl Sjostrand Guest Week 3 Tiffany, Autumn, Gingerfox
1276 The same routine Gimmie Sheltered Bud, Jacob, Tiffany, Autumn, Kaitlyn, Dionne, Max, Ms. Monster
1277 Fashionably late Gimmie Sheltered Ms. Monster, Dionne
1278 The change Gimmie Sheltered Ms. Monster, Quincy, Kaitlyn, Roddy
1279 He's where he belongs Gimmie Sheltered Ms. Monster, Quincy, Kaitlyn, Roddy, Dionne, Jacob, Autumn
1280 Keystone of the class Gimmie Sheltered Kaitlyn, Quincy, Roddy, Vincent. Yvette
1281 New kid Gimmie Sheltered Roddy, Ms. Monster, Kaitlyn, Quincy
1282 Ursula Xane Gimmie Sheltered Ms. Monster, Ursula
1283 The best of friends Gimmie Sheltered Ursula
1284 Bad class! Gimmie Sheltered Ms. Monster, Ursula
1285 Choosing a side Gimmie Sheltered Ms. Monster, Ursula, Kaitlyn, Roddy, Max, Tiffany, Suzette
1286 Newbie Gimmie Sheltered Ursula, Roddy, Quincy, Bud, Autumn, Suzette, Ms. Monster
1287 The interrogation Gimmie Sheltered Ursula, Kaitlyn
1288 Favorites Gimmie Sheltered Quincy, Ursula, Yvette, Roddy, Kaitlyn
1289 Frighteningly Wholesome Gimmie Sheltered Vincent, Ursula, Kaitlyn
1290 Bad people Gimmie Sheltered Kaitlyn, Ursula, Dionne
1291 Evil is everywhere Gimmie Sheltered Ursula, Dionne, Ms. Monster
1292 Nice Gimmie Sheltered Max, Ursula
1293 Gender balance Gimmie Sheltered Suzette, Ursula, Kaitlyn
1294 Strange boy Gimmie Sheltered Vincent, Ursula
1295 Girl talk Gimmie Sheltered Kaitlyn, Ursula, Yvette
1296 A typical school Gimmie Sheltered Kaitlyn, Ursula, Ms. Bard
1297 The grand experiment Gimmie Sheltered Ursula, Kaitlyn
1298 Proper introductions Gimmie Sheltered Ursula, Kaitlyn
1299 Safe food Gimmie Sheltered Ursula, Kaitlyn, Vincent, Quincy
1300 High standards Gimmie Sheltered Kaitlyn, Ursula