Kaitlyn Hu
Vital statistics
Age 10
Birthday August 9th
Gender Female
Species Housecat (Siamese)
1st Appear. Who the heck are they!?!
Neighborhood Copper Road
Parents Shii Ann Hu (Mother)
Hiram Hu (Father)
Siblings Wen Hu (younger brother)

Kaitlyn Hu is one of the kids in the combined 4th and 5th grade class of Poppinstock Academy. A 10-year-old Siamese kitty, Kaitlyn is the general leader of the "other" side of the class: the six kids that don't live in Gemstone Estates. While more commonly appearing in the spinoff strip named after the road she lives on, Copper Road, Kaitlyn has become increasingly involved in the craziness of the Gemstone kids as well. Sadly for her, she is forever stricken with the curse of a puntastically-named family, all of whom star in the Copper Road strips.

Personality Edit

Kaitlyn is quite sensible and insightful compared to most of her classmates, choosing to observe the class as a whole and prodding them to all cooperate in pursuit of their combined success. She is the most straightforward and critical kid in Ms. Monster's class but still enjoys the games and adventures of the other kids her age. Kaitlyn is extraordinarily forgiving of the exclusivity that the Sapphire kids hold dear. She is also quite artistic, and draws comics based on the Sapphire Quartet.

Mayhem Edit

Kaitlyn was a significant contributor to the bake sale challenge incited by her mother's loud mouth. She helped construct the dominant Poppinstock baseball team and went along with her classmates' school revolt. Kaitlyn's success rate slipped upon nominating Max and later backing the loser, Roddy, in the convoluted election for class president; however, her efforts to complete her random group project with Autumn and Vincent yielded total cooperation. Kaitlyn's gradual success in breaking down the Sapphire gang's ivory tower recently led to their unexpected arrival at her birthday party.

Social bubble Edit

Kaitlyn is best friends with Quincy and pals with Vincent and Yvette as well. She tolerates Roddy and the Gemstone side of the classroom as much as possible. Her mother Shii Ann and 8-year-old brother Wen (who also attends Poppinstock) have shown up a few times in the comic proper, mostly to make light of their names. Since bridging the gap between the the Gemstone and Copper Road groups, Kaitlyn has formed tentative friendships with Autumn Pingo and Bud Oven.

Kaitlyn's triumphs Edit

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