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Jacob Linkletter
Vital statistics
Age 9
Birthday Unknown
Gender Male
Species Mutt
1st Appear. Punctuality Through Deception
Neighborhood Sapphire Lake
Parents Deirdre and Harvey Linkletter

Jacob Linkletter is one of the four central kids of Precocious. A 9-year-old mutt, Jacob is by far the most friendly and helpful of the main cast - as well as the most naive. This makes him a common target of friend and stranger alike, but he manages to endure the bedlam well and occasionally even trumps the other kids at their own devious games. A dedicated student and eager sports player despite his clumsy nature, Jacob lives with his parents, Deirdre and Harvey Linkletter, in the Sapphire Lake neighborhood of Gemstone Estates.


Jacob is a likable, curious kid. His friendly nature enables him to tolerate almost any wronging, while his intelligent and inquiring mind draws him to the other Sapphire kids and their destruction. Jacob is a natural target for Bud and Autumn due to his diminished killer instinct, but he has gradually grown savvy enough to upstage them at times. He nevertheless remains susceptible to their plans and Tiffany's whimsical antics. Jacob is clumsy but yearns to excel in sports, causing him much physical pain in the process. Jacob is the least insular of his circle of friends, but he finds them the most entertaining anyhow.


Jacob was Bud's lackey during the gender war. He and Tiffany knocked each other out of the game, thus setting up the showdown between Bud and Autumn. The young Linkletter continued to fall short of ultimate victory early on, mostly serving as a punchbag for Autumn's wrath or a sucker for Tiffany's traps. While he participated in the bake sale and summer baseball league to modest success, his first true (brief) victory came after he rose up against the Supervillain Union and took down each of its members. Jacob recently accomplished further victory by turning the tables on Suzette in their random group project.

Social bubble[]

Jacob's life is the group life of his three best friends. The core Sapphire bunch tend to do everything together, although Jacob is the most willing to include other people. Jacob has an ideal and wholesome relationship with his parents, who understand and enjoy his company as much as he does theirs. Jacob usually sticks to the central Sapphire group, but he has shown adroitness in working alongside most of the Poppinstock kids.

Jacob's triumphs[]

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