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How do you pay a saint? Sky Et: Master Strategist

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Panel 1
(off panel): "So I meet the famous Autumn!"
Autumn: "Hello!"
Sky: "OK, Swarm, into the van."
(off panel): "How is it you've been here a month and we've just met?"
Panel 2
Gene: "Guess I'm at work too much. I apologize for that. Oh well. Tell me, Bud, how is your father doing? Any resent shows?"
Panel 3
Bud: "Not really. I don't think he has any openings planned."
Gene: "That's a shame. He's very talented. Tell him to get out there some more!"
Panel 4
(off panel): "Well, Eccentrics are eccentric! Hah! Jinx!"
Autumn: "Hmm."

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On the thoughts in Autumn's head: Only bad can come from this

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Et residence in Sapphire Lake

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This is the First appearance of Gene Et

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