Hey, batter batter!
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Arc Disorganized Sports
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Panel 1
Suzette: "Hey, Batter Batter! I'm sure you're nervous right now! Lots of pressure is on you."
Panel 2
Suzette: "Your parents are watching with such high hopes. It'll be humiliating for them to see you fail; to know you are talentless. Why do you keep this charade going?"
Panel 3
Suzette: "Your poor mother will cry herself to sleep after each game, ashamed of her son and his awful skills. How could you do that to her?"
Panel 4
(off panel): "Waaaah!"
(off panel): "Strike Three!"
Autumn: "We have a great catcher."

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There's no crying in baseball!

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The Baseball Field in Gemstone Estates.

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The Alt text is a Quote from the movie A League of their own.

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