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Panel 1
Prof. McGonagall: "When I call your name, come up and put on the hat. Let the sorting begin!"
Panel 2
(off panel): "Crup, Dionne."
Sorting Hat: "Slytherin!"
Dionne: "Of course."
Panel 3
(off panel): "Et, Tiffany."
Sorting Hat: "Ravenclaw!"
Tiffany: Shiney."
Panel 4
(off panel): "Finnegan, Roderick."
Sorting Hat: "Gryffindor!"
Panel 5
(off panel): "Grady, Suzette."
Sorting Hat: "Slytherin!"
Suzette: "What? This isn't fair!"
Panel 6
(off panel): "Hu, Kaitlyn."
Sorting Hat: "Gryffindor!"
Panel 7
(off panel): "Iddenstein, Vincent."
Sorting Hat: "Hufflepuff!"
Panel 8;
(off panel): "Linkletter, Jacob."
Sorting Hat: "Hufflepuff!"
Panel 9
(off panel): "Nutley, Yvette."
Sorting Hat: "Hufflepuff!"
Yvette: "So many people..."
Panel 10
(off panel): "Oven, Buddy."
Sorting Hat: "Ravenclaw!"
Bud: "I hope this place has decent kitchen facilities."
Panel 11
(off panel): "Pingo, Autumn."
Sorting Hat: "Gryffindor!"
Autumn: "I suppose that will do."
Panel 12
(off panel): "Upton, Alexander."
Sorting Hat: "Slytherin!"
Xander: "Hmph."
Panel 13
(off panel): "Wozwax, Quincy."
Sorting Hat: "Ravenclaw!"
Quincy: "This is so cool!"
Panel 14
(off panel): "Zeit, Max."
Sorting Hat: "Gryffindor!"
Max: "Hi, guys!"
Panel 15
Quincy: "Wait, my this won't turn on."
Bud: "Electronics don't work in the castle."
Quincy: "This is so not cool."

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Paulsen, Christopher' ... 'Hufflepuff!' WHAT!? NO! RECOUNT!!

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The Hu residence on Copper Road.

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All though the guest strips are not canon. Irene Pitcairn ask Chris Paulsen for the cast's full versions of their given names making these names official.

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