Gingerbread crumbles
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1029-Deirdre fail
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Strip Number 1029
Arc The dinner party
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Jerk Family support

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Panel 1
(off panel): "Are you calling me a jerk?!"
Deirdre: "I was only joking..."
Panel 2
(off panel): "I was—"
Sky: "Whatever. Sorry for not being perfect like you."
Panel 3
Sky: "Sorry for asking! This is hard for me! I need some help!"
Panel 4
Sky: "I'm not like you. You just need to whip up a fancy gingerbread house to show us all how sweet and perfect your family is!"
Panel 5
Sky: "But let me tell you, Dear, that loving house will start to crumble after a few good bites."
Panel 6
(off panel): "Thanks for nothing!"
Panel 7
(off panel): *SLAM*
Panel 8

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Stop being a jerk, Sky.

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The Linkletter residence in Sapphire Lake.

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The third anniversary strip of the comic.

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