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Gender Wars is the first story arc of Precocious. It ran in 2009 and consisted of strips #1-62.

Central character(s)[]


Bud and Autumn declare a gender war to establish the superior gender - and supervillain.


One summer day, the main gang has met at Bud's clubhouse in Sapphire Lake to determine the day's events. Jacob picks a quiz-your-friends game out of a book his father gave to him. Bud and Autumn simultaneously declare themselves the most likely supervillain, sparking a gender war between the two. Autumn grabs Tiffany, while Bud is stuck with Jacob. The two girls recruit Suzette Grady from Emerald Woods and Dionne Crup from Diamond Bluffs, securing their side a 2:1 advantage when the two boys fail to recruit Max Zeit. The six participants draw up the modus operandi - a water balloon fight - and the rules and boundaries of war. Both sides plot identical tactics for different reasons: Bud sends out Jacob as a target to draw the girls' attention, while Autumn likewise designates Tiffany as a necessary sacrifice after infighting eliminates Suzette and Dionne drops out. The two pawns end up defeating each other after a tangential game of chess, leaving their leaders in a dramatic standoff. Bud and Autumn destroy each other's ammo, and the battle appears to be a draw until Bud reveals his backup weapon: Dionne's water balloon. Bud defeats Autumn, earning the boys (and Dionne) a surprise victory. The gender war finally comes to a close back at the clubhouse, where the kids wisely declare Dionne to be the most likely supervillain.

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