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Disorganized Sports is a Precocious story arc. It ran in 2009 and consisted of strips #226-273, aside from Sunday solo strips.

Central character(s)[edit | edit source]

*** The Poppinstock baseball team ***

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Precocious kids form a little league baseball team to get revenge against the little league for hogging their baseball diamond.

Action[edit | edit source]

Up in Diamond Bluffs, the core bunch have broken into the Gemstone tennis courts because an upstart summer little league has invaded their baseball diamond. The rest of the Gemstone kids (plus Roddy) hear about this league from the Sapphire kids. All eight of them collectively unite to form a Poppinstock team, join up, and crush the other teams in order to dissolve the league. After Roddy picks out their ninth and final player, Kaitlyn, Dionne begins assigning positions to each kid based on individual skill sets and idiosyncrasies. Thanks primarily to Suzette's trash talking at catcher and Autumn's ferocity at pitcher, the Poppinstock team begins to dominate the league as planned. Kaitlyn recruits a tenth player: her best friend Quincy, whom a wrathful Gene Et recognizes as the player who killed his character in World of Warcraft. Wen and Mikey eventually come and replace two more starters, and the irritated benchwarmers - the clubhouse kids, sans Tiffany (who fell asleep) - abandon the team. Dionne brings them all good news, though: the plan worked. The little league is no more.

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Disorganized Sports

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