Dionne Crup
Vital statistics
Age 10
Birthday Unknown
Gender Female
Species Cheetah mix
1st Appear. Up in Diamond Bluffs
Neighborhood Diamond Bluffs
Parents Caryn Crup (mother)
Robert Crup (step-father)

Dionne Crup is one of the primary supporting characters of Precocious. A 10-year-old cheetah mix, Dionne is the physical embodiment of a cute, soulless terror. From high atop her homestead in Diamond Bluffs, Dionne cheerfully dispenses soul-crushing defeat upon all who cross her path, be they friend, foe, or stranger. The only true side to Dionne is her side of evil. Dionne lives with her mother and step-father, her biological father who she is said to resemble has not appeared in the strip.

Personality Edit

Dionne lives to win at any cost. She delights in her own victory but even more so in the destruction of her opponents. To this end, she even enters pageants (which she despises) in order to mock and conquer the other girls. Fittingly, she endorses and embraces her dark image; to her, the world is ripe for flattening. Dionne is the only person in the comic to lack almost every conceivable moral.

Mayhem Edit

Dionne has engineered a veritable chronology of sin throughout her existence. Her betrayal of the girls set up the boys' victory in the water balloon fight. She alone has served as the irredeemable leader of the Diamond supervillains. By far, though, Dionne's largest accomplishment was her twisted election as class president.

Social bubble Edit

Dionne relishes triumphing over her classmates. Amazingly, the other kids on her side of the classroom - even the knightly Max - will still hang out with her. She and Roddy are each other's sworn enemies.

Dionne's triumphs Edit

The other interminglers Edit

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