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Deirdre and Harvey at the dinner party

Deirdre and Harvey Linkletter are the parents of Jacob Linkletter. They live in a house in the Sapphire Lake region of Gemstone Estates. Harvey and Deirdre had the most traditional courtship of the four Sapphire Lake couples, foreshadowing their lifelong embodiment of a utopian time well past. They get along very well with each other and their son, and both of them take on active roles outside the house.


The couple first met when Deirdre's mother introduced them. Harvey met his future wife at her front door, greeting her with flowers. Their romantic relationship blossomed, and they wed some time later. Their only child to date is the 9-year-old Jacob.

Deirdre Linkletter[]

Deirdre Linkletter is a serene woman, staying calm and cheerful through bedlam and chaos. Deirdre is a Jane-of-all-trades; while she modestly refers to herself as a "normal housewife," she is in fact quite active in the world beyond. Her endeavors include cooking, catering, teaching, and volunteering in the PTA. So far, only the bake sale challenge has stirred her up into a competitive frenzy.

Harvey Linkletter[]

Harvey Linkletter is a jovial chap, projecting an antediluvian aura of warmth and sincerity. Harvey works as a patent attorney. He is an authentic individual who, if he ever observed it enough, would likely be quite worried about the pandemonium that his son's little group perpetrates.

The other parents[]