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Buddy 'Bud' Champ Oven
Vital statistics
Age 10
Birthday March 24th
Gender Male
Species Housecat (Scottish fold)
1st Appear. All About the Violence
Neighborhood Sapphire Lake
Parents Sydney and Joseph Oven
Siblings Casey Oven (older sister)
Other relatives Tiffany Et (2nd cousin)
Michelangelo Et (2nd cousin)
Frida Et (2nd cousin)
The Et twins (2nd cousin)
Gene Et (1st cousin once removed)
Mike Et (1st cousin once removed)
Bernie Et (1st cousin once removed)

Buddy 'Bud' Champ Oven is one of the four central kids of Precocious. A 10-year-old Scottish Fold kitten, Bud is the general leader of the main cast and is most often the driving force behind their crazy devices. A mad scientist with a flare for dramatic (and delicious!) cooking, Bud lives with his parents, Sydney and Joseph Oven, in the Sapphire Lake neighborhood of Gemstone Estates.


Bud is an eccentric scientist that lives for random experimentation and serendipitous fun. He usually ends up organizing and leading the Sapphire group's plans. Bud competes with Autumn in this role, often sparking a gender war between the two, with Jacob and Tiffany as willing participants (or otherwise). Bud is extremely proud of his refined cooking ability and likes to integrate it into the day's activities. He is a tough rascal who has learned to take care of himself during his parents' bizarre absences. Bud is also the main perpetrator of the Sapphire exclusivity that has possessed his three closest friends.


Bud was at the forefront of the very first Precocious story arc, starting up a gender war to prove that boys were the superior supervillains. He plotted out the tactics he and Jacob would use, and ultimately he defeated Autumn and won the war. Bud's bizarre family and exquisite cooking skills showcased themselves during the neighborhood dinner party, and his cooking would continue to shine throughout the adventures of the Supervillain Union and the bake sale challenge. Bud contributed to the domination of the summer baseball team, and he was a top commander of the Poppinstock student revolt. Recently, though, Bud has not been as victorious. His sister Casey was more than a match for him when she came home for the 2009 holidays, and he found himself unable to work with his classmates Dionne and Roddy during the random group project.

Social bubble[]

Bud's life is the group life of his three best friends. The core Sapphire bunch tend to do everything together, and of those four Bud has the least interaction with even his own parents (through no fault of his own). Bud is not always willing to let the other Gemstone kids into the fold, and he is even less aware of the existence of anyone outside his own community. However, after the group projects, Bud and Kaitlyn have connected on the level that they are both ringleaders of their respective groups. There are passing hints that the two actually like each other, but there hasn't been any solid proof of such (or at least, Autumn has not publicly released that information yet).

Bud's triumphs[]

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