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Autumn Eloise Pingo
Vital statistics
Age 10
Birthday Unknown
Gender Female
Species Red Fox
1st Appear. All About the Violence
Neighborhood Sapphire Lake
Parents Ivy and Soren Pingo

Autumn Eloise Pingo is one of the four central kids of Precocious. A 10-year-old red fox, Autumn is the newest member of the main cast at the start of the storyline (moving in only days before) and is a fierce competitor who finds equal joy in both succeeding in her own ventures and conquering (or blackmailing!) any foolish challengers. A product of library science, Autumn lives with her parents, Ivy and Soren Pingo, in the Sapphire Lake neighborhood of Gemstone Estates.


Autumn had proven far too dominant and vainglorious in public school. Therefore, Autumn's family moved to Gemstone in order to get her around other precocious children. This move only helped to unleash her full capabilities, effortlessly combining perky with sadistic. She takes great joy in conquering whatever or whoever gains her attention; to this end, she is continuously deceitful and manipulative. Autumn can be a rather fun and cheerful individual, as long as she gets her way and nothing disturbs her little world. She displays substantial paranoia at school, much to Ms. Monster's curiosity. Autumn immediately absorbed the exclusivity of her Sapphire cohorts upon moving to the neighborhood.


Autumn's arrival enacted a gender balance - and, ultimately, a gender war - inside Sapphire Lake. Although she lost the gender war to Bud, Autumn established herself as an equal to the other three Sapphire kids. She helped set up the neighborhood dinner party and the Supervillain Union. Autumn's next conflict came with the amiable Max Zeit due to their neighboring birthdays. She further stirred up a storm over her summer project, only to come full circle and decide on her own implementation of library science. She was part of the summer baseball team and school revolt and later joined the subsequent race for class president. During the random group project assigned by Ms. Monster, Autumn connected with Kaitlyn and (if barely) Vincent, and she remains in a passing friendship with the Siamese. Kaitlyn accepts Autumn as a warped individual, but seems to enjoy her company all the same.

Social bubble[]

Autumn's life is the group life of her three best friends. The core Sapphire bunch tend to do everything together, leaving Autumn little time to play with others. She has a healthy relationship with her parents, with whom she is not below resorting to blackmail (regardless of her chance of success). Autumn isn't particularly interested in the kids beyond her close circle, Kaitlyn Hu somewhat excepted. She seems least aware of Vincent, much to his lovesick disappointment.

Autumn's triumphs[]

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