Always a Hoot at Parties
Precocious Strip
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Strip Number 3
Arc Gender Wars
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Punctuality Through Deception Ice Breakers & Party Games

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Panel 1
Bud: "So, what did you bring us?"
(off panel): "Oh yeah..."
Panel 2
Jacob: "My dad says this thing is always a hoot at parties so I thought we'd give it a shot."
Panel 3
Bud: "A book?"
(off panel): "Yes."
Bud: "From your father?"
(off panel): "Yes."
Panel 4
Bud: "Jacob, you are aware of your father's questionable sense of humor, right?"
Autumn: "I'm getting grounded over a book?!"

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PROTIP: Don't base your third strip's punchline on a character the audience won't see for ANOTHER TWO MONTHS!

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Bud's Clubhouse located at the Oven residence

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