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Panel 1
Autumn: "Hey, guys!"
(off panel): "Hi, Autumn."
Panel 2
Bud : "So you managed to get free?"
(off panel): "Sort of..."
Panel 3
(off panel): "I wasn't allowed out until I unpacked, so I grabbed a few empty boxes from the curb last night. I brought them down, claimed I unpacked and was out the door before they noticed!"
Panel 4
(off panel): "You're fitting in so well."
Autumn: "I swear, Bud, if you don't start stocking the tea I like, I'll be all about the violence!"

Alt text[]

I'd say this successfully establishes the tone of the strip


Depicted Characters[]


Bud's Clubhouse located at the Oven residence


This is the first comic published. Originally planned to be released in September 2008. Events delayed this release until January the 1st 2009. The urls did not use the date format so the early comic url dates are off.

A prequel arc can be found in the first precocious book.

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