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Rule #4

Because of the rather volatile nature of most of the kids in Precocious, their parents have drafted a list of rules which are occasionally referenced in the comics. In comic 135 of Copper Road, the title of these rules is given as "25 Rules for Smarty Kids". Below is table of all known rules in this list.

25 Rules for Smarty Kids
Rule # Rule Text First Appearance
1 No dying. Comic 583
2 Don't do anything that could send Mommy to prison. Comic 877
3 Don't taunt dieting adults. Your metabolism will turn on you one day too. Comic 1715
4 No dynamite. Comic 143
5 Even if role-playing, you are responsible for your actions. Book 3 Bonus
7 Motor vehicles are not toys! Comic 881
8 Clothing is mandatory. Comic 878
9 For each police officer, fireman, repairman, lawyer, etc. involved, punishment increases. Comic 716 (Numbered in Comic 2548)
11 Physics is not your friend. Comic 1711
12 The neighborhood isn't entirely your property. Other families live here, and you cannot offer up or use their property as if it was yours. (Also: YOU don't own ANY part of Gemstone Estates. The parents do!) Comic 2084
14 Bribes are accepted. Insufficient bribes, however, bring harsher punishment. Comic 1712
15 No lifelike or life-sized dolls, replicas, robots, etc Comic 1813
16 If there's ever any doubt, yes, you are still grounded. Comic 880
17 Always check with your parents before sharing any family stories. Comic 1714
18 No killing. Comic 1709
19 We shouldn't have the need to own Geiger Counters, dammit! Comic 879
20 I don't care if the NSA does it, stop with the extreme surveillance!! Book 3 Bonus
21 All damages you cause are tallied, and you'll be billed for them at a later date. Comic 1713
22 Don't use this. Comic 1710
24 Exploiting any loopholes won't save you. Parents have the final say. Copper Road 135
25 It is not allowed. Whatever you were just talking about is not allowed. This is the all-purpose rule. Comic 882