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Fair Fights Are Overrated Wait, are you saying you're *not* a villain?

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Panel 1
Jacob: "Max! We need you help! War was declared and it blew out of proportion because we're like that and now it's a battle of genders and we need you support! You're both an actual male and the strongest kid we need you as we're not all that athletically inclined."
Panel 2
Jacob: "We do our best and we enjoy sports, of course, but we're small and brittle you know me—I fall down a lot and I can't run fast it's a problem. Bud's OK but I've seen Autumn toss him like 10 feet—10 feet, Max! I don't know [blocked] she does it. But you [blocked] good at this [blocked] you can [blocked] over [blocked] hurt myself [blocked] clumsy!"
Panel 3
Jacob: "We had it under control, but they recruited Suzette and you know how she is. She's tiny, but built like a brick and she's violent! She hits me sometimes and it really hurts! Anyway, that's why we need your help. I'm sure it will be fun too, so how about siding with us, Max?"
Panel 4
Max: "Um... what?"
Bud: "“Let me take this one”," you said. “How hard can it be?”"

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Zeit residence in Diamond Bluffs.

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Max Zeit's first appearance

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